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‘A fresh approach to getting legal advice from a UK Legal Specialist – Go direct…’

New laws mean you can now get ‘direct access’ to a Barrister for help with legal advice & representation. You no longer have to use the services of a solicitor/lawyer to access a Barrister.

What is ‘direct access’?

Think of it like this – If you’re unwell, you see your doctor who deals with a wide range of medical problems. However, if the doctor can’t diagnose the problem specifically, they refer you to a specialist who may be able to identify the problem immediately.

In much the same way that’s what a Solicitor/Lawyer would do, if they can’t help you with a legal issue they’ll refer you to a Barrister that specialises in a particular area of law.

Our Direct Access Service

All Barristers at Kings Court Chambers can be contacted direct, no need for solicitors or lawyers. You can contact our service and get immediate legal advice from a Barrister.

What does this mean to you?

  • Saves you time searching for a Solicitor or Lawyer
  • Saves you money on Solicitors and/or Lawyers Fees
  • Your case is, straight away, referred to a Barrister. No solicitors, no lawyers
  • Personal, professional service – One Barrister, working only on your case

What is a Barrister?

Barristers are basically law consultants, specialising in an area of law, providing in-depth expertise and professional legal advice.

How do I find the right Barrister?

Simple, we will do it for you. Tell us about your case and we will refer you to a Barrister from our team who is most qualified to assist you.

Our Team

Tariq RehmanTariq Rehman
Mr Tariq Rehman completed his professional studies at the University of Nottingham and holds a ...

Nigel WrayNigel Wray
Called to the Bar in 1993, Nigel joined Kings Court Chambers in 2012 and is a Barrister, with a current Practising Certificate...